Brand Ambassador Program

What is a Brand Ambassador
Brand ambassadors are simply people who represent and talk about Kaydence Kronicles Bowtique & More in a positive way, preferably in front of lots of potential customers (i.e. friends and family).
A brand ambassador is someone who embodies our brand and provides credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility to our brand. A brand ambassador can utilize his or her social media platforms such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. to reach potential customers and increase brand awareness and sales.
Requirements to become a Brand Ambassador
To become a Brand Ambassador you must:
-As of June 2020, you have to have at least 800 Followers on all Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc.
-Have someone 18 years or older sign a Brand Ambassador Contract committing to a 1 month, 2 month, or 3 month term. At the end of contract term there will be an opportunity to renew or terminate.
-Purchase at minimum one item per month for the duration of contract (any item site wide excluding clearance items and gift cards). For example if you choose a one month contract you are only required to purchase one item for that month. If you choose a two month contract then you need to purchase at least two items (one for each month of contract). If you choose a three month contract then you are required to purchase at least one item each month of your term for a total of 3 items at the end of your contract term.
-You will be given a unique discount code worth 40% off for you to make your monthly purchases. You must consent to NOT sharing your unique code with anyone other than yourself.
-Each item(s) purchased MUST be posted or uploaded to at least one social media platform with appropriate brand recognition, tags, and hashtags at least ONCE. All tags will be discussed in contract. All posts or uploads must clearly show product. We will choose different Ambassador photos from time to time to highlight on our website and social media platforms.You will have to consent to allow us to share your Brand Ambassador related photos ONLY when you sign your contract.
-In addition to posting or uploading the item(s) purchased we ask that you participate in posting appropriate sales, announcements, and advertisements sent by the company to at least one social media platform with appropriate brand recognition, tags, and hashtags. No more than 2 per month will be sent to you.
-In addition to purchases and posting we would like for you to help us bring Brand Awareness to our company. That can be done by simply telling someone new about our company and products.
-Contract may be terminated at any time by either you or Kaydence Kronicles Bowtique & More at any time. Once a contract has been terminated the unique discount code will no longer be active and the Brand Ambassador is no longer required to participate in the Brand Ambassador Program.
How can I become a Brand Ambassador?
Have a parent or guardian send an email to
-In the Subject of email please put: Brand Ambassador 2020
-In the the body of your email include:
-Parent or Guardian Name who will sign contract
-Name of prospective Brand Ambassador
-All Social Media Platform Handles (@example)
-Short paragraph (3-5 sentences) on why you would be a good Brand Ambassador for our company.
-Please allow 48 hours for submission to be processed. If you do not hear back from Kaydence Kronicles Bowtique & More within 48 hours please contact
Meet our Current Brand Ambassadors
Jashel A.Bre'Ale P.Yara S.